Popcorn Sales 2015

  • Randy-Popcorn Kernel
  • Cynthia—Den Kernels/Show and Sell sign ups/ Distribution
  • Barb- Storage Distribution/Ordering
  • Mark—Ordering/ Square/Collecting Money
  • Lynn- Prize Management
  • Paula-  Ordering/show and sells/ back up

Different Ways to sell:

  • Door to Door: 
    • Start now fill up those forms with orders!!!
  • Starter Kit: 
    • We will hand these out at the Pack meeting Sept. 18th  
    • Have popcorn handy when selling - makes for easier sales!!
  • Online:
    • You can sign up for your own online account and sell to friends and family far away!
  • Show and Sells:


Prizes for Popcorn Sales:

  • Top 5 sellers in the pack -- Gift card
  • $500 Laser tag ( Scout and one parent only)
  • $750  Pie in face of leader (Scout chooses)
  • $1000 = next year dues are free.
  • $1500 = council prize of free day camp.
  • $2500 Scholarship for college-- Trails end

Door to door training