Popcorn Show-n-Sell Schedule 2013

Thank you for signing up to help with the Popcorn Show-n-Sells. This is our ONLY fundraiser of the year and we need everyone's help to make it successful. A Show-n-Sell is where we have a table setup at a local retailer (Kroger, Walmart, Sam's Club, etc) and kindly ask patrons if they would like to support Cub Scouts by buying popcorn.

Please choose a date below to signup for a Show-n-Sell.
See the note about Setup and Tear down below. ***

*** If you choose to help with the setup before the show or the tear down after the show, THANK YOU! This is a huge help. Simply choose "Setup" or "Tear down" in the signup sheets above.

The night before a Show and Sell, contact Joel White's (popcornkernel@pack846.org) to pick up these items:
 - a folding table
 - all popcorn products needed for that sale
 - cash box
 - donation jug
 - etc. 
Go to the Show and Sell location 15 minutes before the start to prepare the area for our sale. You should have at least a pick-up truck or van to accommodate all these items.

Tear down:
At the end of the sale, pack up all the above items and bring them back to Joel White's (popcornkernel@pack846.orghouse.